Tha bell in tha eyes

Open ya ears n'listen to it....)Goodluck

Sunday, February 26, 2006


I grew in a place that was not my native countrythinking back I had a
beautiful childhood
with the exception of great friends but at time my siblings seem to
that void with greatness, especially my sister.
Although very different,(she was the hard core 'I don't give a shit type of girl' and I was more like the queen of emotions (that really hasn't changed)inspite of our diverse personality we had a lot in common, she was my partner in crime and one day she and i where going to rule the world.

Now that I thing about it why did she have to get married so young ? Apart
of me lived for her or should I say around here,I had this manifestation that
she would come live with me. And we would continue our long journey to
rule the world.

I someone how glad I didn't attend her wedding cause I don't think I would have made it thru the ceremony, with my overly emotional nevres( i don't where I got them from)and if I did I might have been
the one
to object to the marriage .Can you imagine infront of all those people.... "Whom ever should think why this couple shouldn't not be joint in
holy matrimony please raise ur hand".Silences fills the whole church, and slowly I would raise my hand as i begin to speak, yo sha I can just see my mum face lookin at me as though I am demonly possessed.
And..........What would I have said hummmmmmmmm

Sis it was suppose to be this way, this isn't the way I had imagine
to be,,, we ,,me and you
where going to rule the world and now how can I go about doing this
without you, but knowning my family I know they wouldn't h let me go that far into my speech ,all i know someone would have drag my big ass out the church for some serious praying.

As the days of her weddings dvd approaches (folks this dvd has apparently been on its way for the past 2mths nyways last i heard it was in New York so its almost here)my nevres are starting to fire up for one of my most famous emotional castrophies.I can't wait i am even thinking of calling in sick at work getting myself a big box strawberry Ben& jerry ice cream(two guys who won't let yu down) with a Kleenex box and crawl into my quilt and watch the infamous wedding dvd.

So folks you there is a part 2 to this story I already got a title "So this really went down huh"....So until next time folks this is ur luv duv di.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

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